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THE PRE-ORDER HAS ENDED! Thank you to EVERYONE that supported this novel by pre-ordering! You guys are the ABSOLUTE best!
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Dragonfly: Close To Home can be purchased by clicking the Picture below. It is available for a significantly discounted price on my website vs. Amazon. 


If you Pre-ordered Dragonfly: Close To Home, you could have gotten the following...
  • 1 SIGNED Physical copy of Dragonfly: Close To Home. 
  • 1 FREE Kindle/Digital copy of Dragonfly: Close To Home
  • 1 Entry into the drawing explained on this page (Win free novels and free merch!)
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IF you Won the random drawing you Won everything above PLUS
  • A Signed Physical copy of Somewhere In The Middle
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  • A Kindle version of Ending the Nightmare
  • A Signed Physical copy of Another Dark Day
  • A Kindle version of Another Dark Day
  • A FREE Signed Physical copy of MY NEXT NOVEL  (As Of Yet Unknown) - FREE!

Details to follow...

Dragonfly: Close To Home is a Psychological Crime Thriller based around Leonard Grayson; a detective in the Homicide Investigations Unit, a group of detectives in the Rawlins P.D. 

Here's the cover blurb: 
Rawlins, Wyoming; a quiet town that has a jaded history, a history that most of the city has spent more than twenty years trying to forget.

Leo Grayson is the newest member of the Homicide Investigations Unit, a select group of detectives within the Rawlins Police Department. On the morning of his twenty-seventh birthday, Leo is assigned part of two cases; one involving the murder of a person under police protection, and the other mirroring the most horrifying part of Rawlins' past. 
With mounting pressure and a growing list of victims, will Leo be able to solve the cases before everything comes crashing down around him? 
Now that you've read the synopsis, you may be asking yourself; How Can I Get My Hands On This Novel?!

Never fear, The Author is here! To.. point you in the right direction. 
IF you are so kind as to consider (formerly Pre) Ordering Dragonfly, Click
HERE and you will be directed to the purchase page! All purchases are done through PayPal!

If you Pre-ordered you were entered into the drawing to win a full set of my works! That means you Would've gotten a Physical copy of Dragonfly, and all the items listed above! 
In an Effort to promote this new novel, I wanted to do a give-away for my previous novels! So, if you pre-ordered Dragonfly, you would've been entered into a random drawing to win an entire collection of my novels! That's 4 novels for the price of 1! Plus, if you pre-ordered, you got so much more than just a book! See above for what you got!

Now, you may have some questions...
These questions were when the pre-order was still live, so they don't apply anymore!
So, wait... What do I win?

If you win the drawing, you win a COMPLETE set of my previous novels! That's Dragonfly, plus three other Books!
If you already have my novels, you can win other Merchandise! I'm not sure what else I'll be getting, but it'll be something nice, for sure!!!

And How Do I Win?

That's the easy part! You just have to Pre-order Dragonfly: Close To Home from this site. Here's the DIRECT link!

What Are MY Odds Of Winning?
Valid Question! I don't know! Every pre-order is another person entering, so it's entirely dependant upon that! If I pre-sell 10 copies, then you have a 2 in 10 chance of winning. If the numbers get higher, I will PROBABLY increase the number of prizes to be 3 sets. I will randomize the results, using an internet based random choice wheel. 
OK! I am Ready to Enter! But How much is this going to cost me?
Dragonfly is a $15 book, mostly because it's around 600 pages. I will cover the cost of all shipping for this novel, and all other items in this special drawing. With your order, you also get the Kindle edition of Dragonfly, and a FREE Kindle copy of Somewhere In The Middle, which are $4 and $3 respectively. THEN, you also get a $5 coupon code that's good for 10 years. 
With those alone, you get $12 back immediately, which means you're only spending $3. For $3, you get...
  • Physical Copy of Dragonfly: Close To Home (Valued $15)
  • Digital/Kindle Copy of Dragonfly: Close To Home (Valued $4)
  • Digital/Kindle Copy of Somewhere In the Middle (Valued $3)
  • A $5 off Coupon code, good for any one order in the next 10 years (Worth $5)
Even without winning, your $15 is immediately worth $27.
  • IF YOU WIN -- A Physical AND Kindle Copy of...
    • Somewhere In The Middle (Worth $12)
    • Ending the Nightmare (Worth $12 and $3 )
    • Another Dark Day (Worth $12 and $3)
So, if you win, your $15 nets you $70 worth of books!

***PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside of the United States, I don't think I'll be able to ship to you. If you want to order the book, but live outside of the contiguous United States, SEND ME AN EMAIL and we will work something out!!!!!***