Lucas Coon

Self-Published Fiction Author, Information Security Professional, Founder and Art Director of Mad Tomato Books.

Lucas Coon

 Life has a funny way of pushing us in the direction we need to go; be it through a surprising success, or a painful hardship that reminds us of our own mortality. When the daily grind gets to be too much, sometimes we need to find who we are in something outside of ourselves. Lucas found this to be the case, and was led directly into the arms of writing.

Lucas Coon is a fiction author from the Kansas City Metro area; born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, living in Olathe. He has a Masters Degree in Information Security & Assurance, and has worked in the Information Security Industry for a number of years. He, however, has found that his true calling in life is writing. Having started writing in 2013/2014, he has finished four novels. The first three novels are the Cymothoa Collection, the fourth novel is the first part to the Dragonfly series. He also has several other projects started, and has worked on a few collaborative efforts. 

While he has trouble defining what genre his first series is, he tends to use the label "Dramatic-Suspense-Horror". Another term that he has been given is Psychological-Thriller. In his opinion, either one works. 

Lucas has a tendency to emphasize the small details in the situations he writes, and then use those details to tell various parts of the story. He believes that, when a scene is set using vivid and dramatic details, the reader will appreciate it more. The more that the reader can visualize in their mind, the more they will feel like they are part of the world. He also finds that, no matter how serious a novel is supposed to be, it cannot live without humor. Drama and humor are two sides of the same coin; if you cannot laugh in tense times, there's no connection. 

The most important part of being an author for Lucas, is telling the story. Nothing is more critical to the success and happiness of an author than the reader. He is thankful for every person that has chosen to support him along the way, and hopes that more people will read the stories he has written.