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Saturday Morning

May 05, 2018 by Lucas Coon

It is Saturday, and I am feeling... OK actually. I've been busy setting up my site, so I haven't been doing much writing lately. That said, the site is an important part of marketing myself, which is something I am terrible at.
As an aside, my proofreader is working diligently (hahahahhaa) on proofing "Another Dark Day" and it will be available in the near future. I'm excited for everyone here to read the conclusion to the "Somewhere In The Middle" Trilogy, and to enjoy the story from Alex's perspective. I honestly think that Another Dark Day is my best yet; the writing felt different and the flow isn't the same, but it just felt... I don't know... better is really the only term I can think of.
Either way, it will exist soon.

I love you all. You're hair looks nice today. Are those new shoes? No? Oh, well then...they still look good on you.