Lucas Coon

Self-Published Fiction Author, Information Security Professional, Founder and Art Director of Mad Tomato Books.

Here We Are, Sunday Morning...

May 27, 2018 by Lucas Coon
Here we are, the last Sunday of May, approaching the end of the month. This month has been such a strange one, it feels like it both dragged and rushed by. It feels like everything changed, and at the same time stayed the same. May is a rough month for me, for reasons unknown to most. Regardless, it's important to remember the good things that happen, and to not allow yourself to be stuck in the past. No one wants to be stuck in the past. 

Though, it can be difficult, to say the least. Sometimes you wake up and realize that the current day is an anniversary of something, or has been a month since something happened, or x,y,z... and sometimes that thought can overtake you. Sometimes that feeling can really drag you down, sink its teeth into you and try to drag you deeper and deeper into its grasp. Sometimes it can be really, really hard to fight it, but it's critical, absolutely paramount, that you remember you are in control of the now. The past doesn't own you, the future doesn't know you. Right now, you are the one in control. 

I know this is a little more serious than my normal stuff, but it's been a rough week, it really has. I've been dealing with my anxieties, with my panic issues, a lot this week. I'm trying to find my inner balance, and it's not been easy. Either way, thank you for reading and remember that you are in control.