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Working Up To A Public Event

Jul 09, 2018 by Lucas Coon, in Writing
Here are a couple of points that are the truth in our current existence. 
  • Lucas Has Social Anxiety
  • Lucas Will Soon Be Half The Focus Of A Public Event Where He Will Have To Be Social
It's interesting how those two situations have slowly been drawing toward each other until they collide. My whole life, I've been the persont hat avoided doing anything on a mass social scale. I was never in the plays in highschool. I dreaded reading my papers in front of the class. I absolutely hated doing the math problems on the whiteboard. 
So, one many ask, how exactly did Lucas Coon find himself in a position where he will be front an almost center in an event where he will have to conduct himself professionally, and appropriately, for people that he's never met before? Well, that's simple... I have no idea. I'm blaming Michelle. 

Regardless, I know it's going to be a great time. Both of the events are within the next 4 weeks and, heck yeah, I'm nervous; but I also know that these people aren't planning on ridiculing me or laughing at me as I try to sell my novels. Anyone that shows up to either event is doing so with the intent of supporting Michelle and myself. These are the friendly people. These are literally the people that I need to accept and appreciate, and I do appreciate them. I just have to figure out how to... ya know... not be me in social situations. It kind of sucks when I'm the only person I know how to be, eh?

Long segue into my stating that I am in two book signing events over the next month. Go to the events tab for more information!
Thank you, to all my beautiful people. Right now, it's time for a some good music, a large blended Peanut Butter Cup from Scooter's Coffee (I <3 you Scooter's), and some quick typing as I walk my way through Dragonfly.

-Lucas C.