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Staring At The Blinking Cursor

Aug 14, 2018 by Lucas Coon
Well, now... here we are at a very boring morning.
I'm finding myself unable to write. I know what I want to write (the events of Chapter 12 are fairly straight forward) but I can't seem to make the sentences sound like they should. I type the words how I think I should... but then they get deleted because it just doesn't seem right. These kinds of mornings happen, and they suck, but I guess they're just part of the game. Something to overcome, something to defeat. An antagonist of sorts. 
Let me tell you, they hinder progress for sure. I want nothing more than to finish Dragonfly #1 and get the story out into the masses, but these days cause me to fall behind my own expectations. Chapter 12 should be a breeze; it's a slight re-examination of one of the cases of the book. The information has all been written somewhere, either in a previous chapter, or in my notes. But I just can't seem to get there. 

Yesterday I was writing it out like crazy, I even started writing something else! I'm not going to get into that yet, but I did.... 
I guess there's always tomorrow, huh?

Lucas C.