Lucas Coon

Self-Published Fiction Author, Information Security Professional, Founder and Art Director of Mad Tomato Books.

The "Cymothoa" Series

Somewhere In The Middle (2015)
Ending The Nightmare (2017)
Another Dark Day (2018)
     A parasitic infection has taken the entire city by surprise. When no one knows how they will survive through the day without turning or becoming the next meal of an infected, everything turns into a power struggle.
     Somewhere In The Middle is the beginning of the story and focuses centrally on Mitchell Swartz, a highschool history teacher trying to reunite with his wife, and the Barbers, a family with a young daughter just trying to survive.
     Ending The Nightmare takes place directly after the events of Somewhere In The Middle. Mitchell and the Barbers find themselves in a bit of a conundrum. Having survived this long, it comes time for them to make a decision on what their overall goal is, landing eventually on just trying to get home.
     Another Dark Day is set in the same city, but focuses on Alexander Langley, a character introduced in parts of Ending The Nightmare. Alexander Langley is a former Special Operations soldier that made the decision to be a stay at home dad when his daughter was born. His own failures and actions caused him to be unable to protect his daughter when she needed it most, leaving her permanently handicapped. When the parasite begins to threaten their lives, he makes it a point that he would give his own life to keep her safe. 

The "DragonFly" Series

Dragonfly: Close To Home (2019)

     Rawlins, Wyoming; a quiet town that has a jaded history, a history that most of the city has spent more than twenty years trying to forget. A history that seems to be closer to the current day than it seems...
     In Close To Home, 
Leonard Grayson is the newest member of the Homicide Investigations Unit, a select group of detectives within the Rawlins Police Department. On the morning of his twenty-seventh birthday, Leo is assigned part of two cases; one involving the murder of a person under police protection, and the other mirroring the most horrifying part of Rawlins' past. With mounting pressure and a growing list of victims, will Leo be able to solve the cases before everything comes crashing down around him?