Lucas Coon

Self-Published Fiction Author, Information Security Professional, Founder and Art Director of Mad Tomato Books.

Mad Tomato Books is a collaboration between three creators; Lucas Coon, Patience Green and Michelle Sodaro. All three of us are the creative type, the type that prefer a world of color over a world of black and white. One day, a while back, we decided to create a collaborative group with a name, and thus MAD TOMATO BOOKS was born! Mad Tomato exists to add color to the world, and we hope to inspire those of you out there that want to make something, but don't feel like you can.
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Below is a list of items that have been published under Mad Tomato Books. Each item will contain an affiliate link to Amazon (That means I may get a small amount of money from each purchase.)


Tommy's Moving Day (Tommy the Tomato Bat) is the first entry in the Tommy The Tomato bat series. It follows Tommy as he struggles to deal with the difficulty of moving from the only home he's ever known. Along the way, he meets a new friend, Danny Longlegs, who helps him to see that maybe this whole moving thing wasn't so bad afterall.


Tommy's New Friend (Tommy the Tomato Bat) is the second entry into the Tommy The Tomato Bat Series. Tommy and Danny... er... sorry, Bat-Bat and Captain Kicks, are given a quest by Tommy's mother; they must take mail that was mis-delivered to the neighbors house! Only these two could take such a plain task, and make it an exciting adventure! What perils will they face? What obstacles will stand in the way of their Postal-adventure?