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Cymothoa Series Part 1 - Somewhere In The Middle

Cymothoa Series Part 1 - Somewhere In The Middle

Cymothoa 1
Published by Create Space Independent Publishing
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Mitchell Swartz had spent his whole life building the comfort that had grown to be his everyday rituals. He loved his wife more than anything and he was happy in his position as a history teacher at the local highschool. Everything was perfect. That all ended when everything was placed on a lock down due to an outbreak of an unknown parasite. Now he's stuck somewhere in the middle of the city with a group of strangers, searching for his wife. When put in a situation where people are being infected and controlled, Mitchell has to decide whether or not it's worth risking his life, as well as the lives of others, just to reunite with his wife, Aria. When chaos is the norm, it becomes apparent that everything is a power struggle and survival becomes more difficult by the day.

Perfect Binding | 353 pages | $12.00US | 6x9 | 978-1548862978 | July 21, 2017