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Cymothoa Series Part 3 - Another Dark Day

Cymothoa Series Part 3 - Another Dark Day

Cymothoa 3
Published by Create Space Independent Publishing
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Another Dark Day is set in the same world, and same timeline as Somewhere In The Middle & Ending The Nightmare, but focuses on Alexander Langley, a character that was introduced in parts of Ending The Nightmare. 

Twelve years ago, Alexander made a promise to his daughter, Ciara, that he would always be there for her. He gave up his life in the military in order to keep his promise. He wanted nothing more than to protect her and watch her grow up.
When a parasitic outbreak shuts the city down, Alexander is forced into a situation where putting his own life at risk to keep Ciara safe is an everyday occurrence. With everything falling apart around them, will Alexander be able to keep his promise and make it out alive, or will his life be the price for her security?

Perfect Binding | 318 pages | $12.00US | 6x9 | 978-1986965798 | June 23, 2018