Lucas Coon

Self-Published Fiction Author, Information Security Professional, Founder and Art Director of Mad Tomato Books.
Dragonfly: Close To Home

Dragonfly: Close To Home

Dragonfly 1
Published by Create Space Independent Publishing
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Rawlins, Wyoming; a quiet town that has a jaded history, a history that most of the city has spent more than twenty years trying to forget.

Leo Grayson is the newest member of the Homicide Investigations Unit, a select group of detectives within the Rawlins Police Department. On the morning of his twenty-seventh birthday, Leo is assigned part of two cases; one involving the murder of a person under police protection, and the other mirroring the most horrifying part of Rawlins' past. With mounting pressure and a growing list of victims, will Leo be able to solve the cases before everything comes crashing down around him?

Perfect Binding | 605 pages | $15.00US | 6x9 | 9781790765980 | January 15, 2018